39 min   |   English /Russian/French 


A film by Nicolas Autheman

Editing  : Florent Mangeot

Cinematography : Edmond Carrère Artur Sokolov


Minimum Moderne / France THM Productions


With the support of

CNC /Procirep and Angoa /Région Sud and Occitanie

February 4th, 1993. Vladimir Syromiatnikov, a Russian engineer, manages to launch a giant mirror into space, capable of illuminating the earth at night. Against all odds, the invention functions for eleven minutes. Six years later, he tries to launch another satellite equipped with mirrors ten times larger. Delving into the personal archives of the creators of this experiment, the film questions the possibility of a world where "night" no longer exists. A cosmic tale in which a part of ourselves may have frozen forever in the headlights of a prophetic beam.